Dr. George A. Pruitt Endowed Presidential Scholarship

The Thomas Edison State College Foundation established the Dr. George A. Pruitt Endowed Presidential Scholarship in 2009 through contributions to the Dr. George A. Pruitt Presidential Scholarship Endowed Fund. Conditional on available funds, this scholarship is awarded to students currently enrolled in or seeking enrollment in a graduate program at Thomas Edison State College.

For more information on determining whether you are eligible for this scholarship, contact the College Scholarship Committee at [email protected] or (888) 442-8372.

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Submit a Thomas Edison State College Scholarship Application.
  • Have applied for federal and State (NJ residents only) financial aid through the FAFSA and the Thomas Edison State College Financial Aid Application.
  • Meet the scholarship's Specific Eligibility Criteria described below.
  • Required supplemental documentation, if any, must be provided before the end of the application period.

The following three criteria, GPA, minimum credits completed, and minimum percentage completed must be met by currently enrolled applicants but may be waived for students who have applied for but not yet been admitted to a graduate program.

  • Have at least a 3.0 Thomas Edison State College GPA at the time of application.
  • Have completed a minimum of 12 Thomas Edison State College credits, with at least six hours being from Online or Guided Study courses.
  • Have successfully completed a minimum of 66 percent of courses attempted at Thomas Edison State College. Incompletes, withdrawals, and failed classes do not count as completed credits.

Scholarship Specific Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in or seeking enrollment (by submitting an application for admission) to a graduate program at Thomas Edison State College at the time of their scholarship application.
  • Consideration of applications for this scholarship will be based in part on any compelling factors described in the essay submitted in the application.

Supplemental Documentation Required

  • None required.

Scholarship Funds Uses
Scholarship funds may only be used for tuition, fees, or books for Thomas Edison State College courses.

When Can I Apply For Scholarships?

The next opportunity to apply for scholarships from Thomas Edison State College is when the 2014 Award Year Application Period opens on June 1, 2014.

The online scholarship application will be available on this page at that time. Should you have questions about our scholarships, please email the Scholarship Committee.

Please view the links to Outside Scholarships for other opportunities.

Military/Family Member students, visit sfex for other scholarship opportunities.