Welcome Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hamilton Employees!


Helene Loeb

Helene Loeb, BSHS
"Thomas Edison really prepared me to become a leader and interact as well as instruct and support the nurses that are out on the unit..."
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Dorothy Withers

Dorothy Withers, BSN
"When I finished my BSN, I felt like I had achieved another level of understanding..."
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Gary Fassler

Gary Fassler, BSN
"I graduated from nursing school when I was 50, so it's never too late to change and to advance..."
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Leslie Beck

Leslie Beck, BSN
"I chose the College because it afforded me that wonderful flexibility...The College made it a realistic goal..."
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Daniel Burfeind

Daniel Burfeind, BSN
"Thomas Edison, first of all, is an excellent nursing program. The professors and all the mentors are..."
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Theresa Covello

Theresa Covello, BSN
"I have four children and now two grandchildren and I worked, so my life was always..."
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Sudesh Chhibbar, BSN
"Online courses are very helpful for busy nurses because we don't have to leave our home."
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Degree Programs

RWJ Hamilton employees may enroll in any academic program offered by the College.

Directors and managers may be interested in the Undergraduate Leadership Certificate. The 18-credit certificate allows Robert Wood Johnson employees to complete all courses online and transfer course credits into the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree.

The six courses in the program include:

  • Organizational Behavior (MAN 311)
  • Foundations of Leadership (LDR 305)
  • Theories of Leadership (LDR 345)
  • Leadership Communication (MAN 376)
  • Change Management (MAN 415) or an elective course
  • Principles of Management (MAN 301)

The elective courses that students may choose from include:

  • Leaders in History (LDR 324)
  • Nonprofit Leadership (LDR 419)
  • Leadership in the Global Environment (LDR 422)
  • Advanced Organizational Management (MAN 425)
  • Project Management (MAN 435)

For more information, e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (888) 442-8372.

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