Why Have An Academic Program Review?

Conducting an Academic Program Review can transform your organization's training programs into college credit at Thomas Edison State College, where degree and certificate programs can be tailored to your organization's strategic needs. 

There are many reasons to conduct an Academic Program Review of your organization's training programs:

Improving the performance of your personnel through training and education

  • enhancing the skills of your staff gives your organization a competitive advantage
  • enabling your employees to earn college credit for training they complete at work creates a strong recruitment and retention incentive

Improved quality of your organization's training program

  • provides increased visibility and prestige in the marketplace for higher level training
  • provides academic currency at a regionally accredited institution for your organization's training program

Cost savings on tuition and tuition reimbursement

  • when your staff can earn college credit for your organization's training, you can save on tuition assistance or reimbursement costs
  • your staff leverage college-level knowledge acquired at work toward earning their degree