Practicum Preparation

Two Practicums are included in each area of specialty offered in the MSN degree. To prepare for the Practicum, students must read and access the information contained the Practicum Packet in the year prior to the anticipated start date of the Practicum. The Practicum Packet information must be submitted beginning 6 months (24 weeks) prior to the start of the Practicum for which students wish to register. To be permitted to register for the first Practicum, students must meet specific requirements. Health and criminal background clearance and all other requirements outlined in the Practicum Packet must be submitted three months (12 weeks) prior to the start of the first Practicum course.

The MSN e-Portfolio, which is initiated in the first graduate course, and should be updated with appropriate course assignments and materials as students progress through each graduate course, must be updated prior to the start of the Practicum.

All students should review the Policy for Criminal Background Screening and Submission of Professional Liability Insurance for Master of Science in Nursing Students and the Policy for Health Requirements for Students Enrolling in Practicum Courses.

Click here to access the Practicum Packet for AY 2016-2017.