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Brad Brezinski, BSAST

Brad Brezinski, BSAST
"After completing the degree, I was selected for Chief Petty Officer, which is a great honor for an enlisted member of the Navy..."
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Vito DiMicco, MSM

Vito DiMicco, MSM
"Being in the military for 26 years, I was trying to get myself ready for retirement..."
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Vietthi Nguyen, BSAST

Vietthi Nguyen, BSAST
"As a military member, I am busy serving our country, protecting our freedom and serving my family…TESC was the number one pick for me because it offers flexibility..."
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Aaron Bonniwell, BSAST

Aaron Bonniwell, BSAST
"Thomas Edison has helped me achieve my personal goal of completing a degree while I’m in the Navy..."
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Brandon Starnes

Brandon Starnes, BSAST
"I chose Thomas Edison because I think it gives working professionals a chance to get back to class and work toward their degree or their goals..."
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Mandy Starnes

Mandy Starnes, MSN
"My husband is in the Navy and we have to move a lot…Thomas Edison allows me to take my classes with me…it was very convenient for us..."
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Jacob Klemm

Jacob Klemm, BS
"I enjoyed taking classes from home and not in the confines of a conventional setting of having to sit in a classroom…it’s nice to have the flexibility..."
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Jessica Galati

Jessica Galati, BA
"I received my degree completely online…the mentors have been very helpful and the interaction with classmates has been really good..."
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Jeremy Wasson

Jeremy Wasson, BSAST
"Thomas Edison seemed to be the one that work most with my schedule and give me the most amount of credits for what I’ve done in the Navy..."
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Tiffany Wasson

Tiffany Wasson, AAS
"I’ve always wanted to get a college degree, it’s just that when you marry a military man it’s hard because you move around…I’ve had a great experience at Thomas Edison..."
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Tabitha Miller

Tabitha Miller, BSAST
"Thomas Edison was the most military-friendly school we could go to…being able to take online classes and work at your own pace really helped..."
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Bill Benson

Bill Benson, BSAST
"Once I talked with the people here at Thomas Edison, they guided me through the process."
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Jason Didomenico

Jason Didomenico, BA
"I liked the curriculum and I liked that this school is regionally accredited versus nationally."
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Bachelor's Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

The Bachelor of Science degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is a 120-credit degree available completely online. It was developed by a team of professors and practitioners to provide students with a broad view of homeland security issues by going beyond a single discipline to consider policy, preparation, response and recovery issues. Course work covers law enforcement, emergency management and business continuity issues. The program is intended for adults who want to learn the fundamentals of homeland security and emergency preparedness and prepares students for the day to day decision-making required in the post-9/11 era.

Learn how Coast Guard and Maritime Law Enforcement Academy training can be applied as credit toward this degree.

The degree program can be completed online and complements the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and Master of Science in Management degree programs at Thomas Edison State College.

Subject Area/Category Credits
I. General Education Requirements 60
A. Intellectual and Practical Skills 15
  • English Composition I (ENC-101)
  • English Composition II (ENC-102)
  • Math course
  • Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills
B. Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World 18
  • Critical Thinking for Homeland Security (HLS-355)
  • Cultural Diversity in the US (SOC-322)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities/Social Sciences/Natural Sciences/Math or Interdisciplinary
C. Personal and Social Responsibility 9
  • Diversity/Global Literacy
  • Responsible Ethical Leadership
  • Ethics or Diversity Course
D. General Education Electives 18
II. Area of Study 18
A. Required 18
  • SOS-440: Terrorism
  • HLS-410: Protecting the Homeland, Balancing Security and Liberty
  • HLS-420: Homeland Security: Preparedness, Prevention and Deterrence
  • HLS-429: Protecting the Homeland, Response & Recovery
  • SOS-492: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • HLS-498: Capstone in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
III. Electives (select 15 credits from below or other courses in Homeland Security) 15
  • Counterterrorism
  • Disaster & Fire Defense Planning
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Electronic Intelligence Analysis
  • Emergency Planning
  • Intelligence and Homeland Security
  • Interagency Communication
  • Managerial Issues with Hazardous Materials
  • Managing Homeland Security
  • Natural Disaster Management
  • Port Security
  • Psychology of Disaster
  • Psychology of Terrorism
  • Security Planning and Assessment
  • Social Impact of Disasters on the Community
  • Stress Management Theory & Practice
  • Strategic Planning and Risk Reduction
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Leadership Communication
  • Theories of Leadership
IV. Free Electives 27
Total 120


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