Proctor Request - Military Students

Access Proctor Request Form for all military students

Military Proctor Guidelines Listed Below
Military students can take examinations for Thomas Edison State College courses, e-Pack® course and TECEP® exams using a proctor who meets the guidelines listed below. The College must first approve the proctor before any examinations can be mailed or completed. The proctor must be a neutral third party with no on-going relationship to the student. In addition, the proctor should hold a position of responsibility, be able to communicate in English, and have no conflict of interest with either the student or Thomas Edison State College. The following list provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable proctor qualifications.

Acceptable as Proctors

  • Commissioned officers of your unit, not in your direct reporting chain to the Commanding Officer, i.e. Division Officers, Department Heads, Platoon Commanders, Special/Subordinate Staff Officers with whom you do not have a direct supervisory relationship. Any full-time commissioned officer (CWO2 and above), serving on active duty, who is senior to the student in rank and not serving within the student’s direct chain of command, may fulfill this requirement.
  • NCPACE reps
  • Test Control Officers (TCO)
  • Education Services Officers (ESO)
  • Career Counselors
  • Base Librarians
  • Chaplains

Unacceptable as Proctors

  • Co-Workers
  • Direct or immediate supervisors
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Anyone currently taking a class at Thomas Edison State College
  • Medical staff at hospitals, medical centers and/or clinics (unless they hold administrative-only positions)

Students serving at remote or isolated postings should make every effort to find a proctor outside of their direct reporting chain. If this is not possible, please contact the Office of Test Administration at