Online Learning & Teaching Course Descriptions

OLT-510: Theory and Culture of Online Learning (3 credits)
Theory and Culture of Online Learning is designed to give adult educators a theoretical base and practical orientation to the culture of online learning, as well as tools and concepts to use in creating and teaching online courses. The course emphasizes a variety of readings, individual student work, and a class discussion of online learning accompanied by practical experience in designing an online course.
OLT-520: Learning Technology as an Issue in Online Learning (3 credits)
One of the few things that almost all agree on is that technology is changing rapidly. How can teachers and learners keep up? This course takes the prudent track of discussing technology in the broader context of how we make decisions, solve problems and learn/teach technological skills.
OLT-630: Issues in Instructional Design in Online Learning (3 credits)
How is instructional design for online learning different from instructional design for other modes of delivering instruction? This course provides critical discussion of and practice in the ideas and practices that enhance quality in online learning.
OLT-640: Communication and Interactivity in Online Learning (3 credits)
The technology enabling online learning allows communication and interaction between student and texts, student and teacher, and student and other students. This course considers the theoretical aspects of communication and interactivity and also the practical skills of facilitating online discussions and online interactions.