BA in International Studies

The Bachelor of Arts with an Area of Study in International Studies degree provides an interdisciplinary curriculum where students complete course work across the broad range of social, political, cultural and economic disciplines to prepare them for an increasingly interdependent world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate global and regional understanding of international studies from multiple academic disciplines.
  • Analyze international and global issues through multiple perspectives.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the connections between global cultures and politics.
  • Develop introductory level communicative skills in a foreign language.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate globalization processes at local, national and international levels.

How Students Earn Credit in the Area of Study:
Some courses in the area of study may be completed with Thomas Edison State College and/or courses from other colleges. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and/or examinations may also be used.

BA in International Studies Credit Distribution

Subject Category Credits
I. General Education Requirements 60
A. Intellectual and Practical Skills 15
  • English Composition I (ENC-101)
  • English Composition II (ENC-102)
  • College-Level Math Course
  • Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills
B. Personal and Social Responsibility 9
  • Diversity/Global Literacy
  • Responsible Ethical Leadership
  • Other Ethics or Diversity Course
C. Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World 18
  • Western Civilization I & II
  • Foreign Language
  • World Geography
  • Natural Sciences
D. General Education Electives 18
II. Area of Study: International Studies 33
33 credits of liberal arts courses in international areas with no more than 6 credits at the 100 level and at least 18 credits at the 300 or 400 level  
A. Required Courses 6
  • International Relations
  • Conflict in International Relations

    B. Capstone

  • LIB-495 Liberal Arts Capstone
    C. Global Electives 12
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Elements of Intercultural Communication
  • International Economics
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Global Issues
  • World Literature
  • Nonwestern Literature
  • International Politics
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Terrorism
  • Comparative Religions
  • World Religions: Exploring Diversity
    D. Regional Electives 12
  • Geog of E. Europe and Russia
  • Latin American History
  • Intro to Chinese History & Culture
  • African History & Culture
  • American Foreign Relations
  • The Middle East
  • History of Russia
  • Third World Studies
  • African Literature
  • Modern European Governments
  • Government and Politics of Asia
  • Eastern Religions
  • Western Religions
III. Free Electives 27
Total 120


*This list is a guide. Other international studies courses may be appropriate for this area of study.

Note: Because this area of study is interdisciplinary, it must be planned closely with a BA degree program advisor.

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