Open Course Tuition Information

To earn a degree from Thomas Edison State College, you must be an enrolled student. Becoming an enrolled student requires you to select an annual tuition plan. While there are no costs for taking the Saylor courses associated with the Open Course option at Thomas Edison State College, students must also register for and successfully complete Thomas Edison State College (TECEP®) exams and portfolio assessments and other assessments to earn credit for the course requirements and tuition costs for the PLA-100 and PLA-200 courses for students who select the PLA courses. For those new to Thomas Edison State College who are not yet enrolled students, there are also costs associated with the application and enrollment process.

The cost of earning credit at Thomas Edison State College through the Open Course option depends on several factors, which include whether you are a New Jersey resident who qualifies for in-state tuition and which assessments you use to earn credit. The chart below lists a summary of the tuition and fees associated with the Open Course option. Currently enrolled students would not be subject to the application fee, annual enrollment tuition and technological services fee.

2014-15 Tuition and Fees In-State Out-of-State
Application Fee $75 $75
Annual Enrollment Tuition $1,767 $3,296
Technological Services Fee $131 $131
TECEP® Exams (per credit attempted) $37 $50
CLEP® Exams (estimated cost for single exam) $80 $80
NCCRS Exam* (estimated cost for single exam) $25 $25
Course Tuition for PLA-100



Course Tuition for PLA-200



Course Registration Fee for PLA-100 & PLA-200 $61 $61

*The $25 fee for NCCRS exams comes from using the online proctoring service, Proctor U. If you use your own qualified proctor, this fee is waived.

The costs associated with earning credit via Portfolio Assessment are structured around how many credits an enrolled student earns after they complete the PLA-100 and PLA-200 courses. The first 12 credits a student attempts through portfolio assessment costs $363. After the first 12 credits earned via portfolio assessments, students pay $206 for every additional six credits. These prices are consistent for students using in-state and out-of-state tuition rates.