Licenses and Certifications

Students can earn college credit for licenses and certifications they possess. In fact, some degree programs actually require them. The College’s Office for Assessment of Professional and Workplace Learning evaluates and approves licenses and professional certifications. Below, the licenses and certifications evaluated and approved for credit are organized by topic.

Students may also earn credit for corporate training programs and for military training.

Earning Credit for Courses & Training Evaluated by the American Council on Education and the National College Credit Recommendation Service

Thomas Edison State College accepts credits from courses evaluated and recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). The limit of ACE and NCCRS credits that students can transfer from a single source is 90 credits for a bachelor's degree and 45 credits for an associate degree. The list of courses, licenses and certifications reviewed by ACE and NCCRS are continuously being updated.


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Licenses and/or Certifications Credits
NJ Emergency Medical Technology-Ambulance (EMT-A) 4
NJ Emergency Medical Technology-BASIC (EMT-B) 4
NJ Emergency Medical Technology-Paramedic (EMT-P) 16
Histotechnology (ASCP-HT) 4
Nuclear Medicine Technology (ARRT-RT[N] or NMTCB-CNMT or NJ-LNMT) 30
Nursing (RN) up to 60
Radiation Therapy Technology (ARRT-RT[T] or NJ-LRT[T]) 32
Radiologic Technology (ARRT-RT[R] or NJ-LRT[R])
  • Hospital-based programs 1980 and subsequent
  • Hospital-based programs 1976 to 1980
  • Hospital-based programs prior to 1976
20 or 34
Respiratory Therapy Technician (NBRC-CRTT) 23
Respiratory Care Therapist (NBRC-RRT) 44
Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) Certification 17
Capital Health System in Hamilton, NJ – The Program for Polysomnographic Training 10


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Licenses and/or Certifications Credits
FAA Private Pilot Airplane License 6
FAA Private Pilot Rotorcraft License 6
FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane License 15
FAA Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft License 12
FAA Instrument Pilot Airplane License 6
FAA Instrument Pilot Rotorcraft License 6
FAA Flight Engineer 9
FAA Flight Dispatcher 7
FAA Flight Instructor Rating 4
FAA Flight Instructor Instrument Rating 4
FAA Flight Navigator 8
FAA Multi-engine Airplane 2
FAA Airline Transport Pilot 7
FAA Mechanic Certificate/Airframe and Powerplant Rating 67
FAA Mechanic/Airframe 27
FAA Mechanic/Powerplant 28
FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist 60
FAA Repairman Certificate 65

NOTE: For students who hold both private pilot licenses, the maximum credit award is 9 credits; for students who hold both commercial pilot licenses,the maximum credit award is 21 credits; and for students who hold both instrument pilot licenses, the maximum credit award is 9 credits, based on overlapping content elements. Academic courses directly related to license preparation are not transferable if the license is applied.

Credits for these licenses may be applied to the ASAST and BSAST degree programs in Air Traffic Control; Aviation Flight Technology; Aviation Maintenance Technology; and Technical Studies.


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Licenses and/or Certifications Credits
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)**,***
Awarded by state boards of accountancy
up to 6
Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)**
Awarded by the Certification Board of The American College
up to 27
The American College Programs up to 72
COPE Institute (Accounting Program) up to 21
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) certification exams up to 22
Graduate School (Center for Governmental Training and Professional Development)
  • Executive Potential Program (EPP)
  • Government Audit Training Institute
  • Selected Human Resources Management courses

up to 17
Real Estate License (NJ, NY, PA) up to 6

** There is a considerable amount of duplication within the credit recommendations of the CPA, the ChFC and the CPCU. Where duplication exists, credit will be granted only once.
*** Graduate credit.

Other Licenses and Certifications

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Licenses and/or Certifications Credits
Customs Broker License
  • Intro to Customs Brokerage
  • Customs Regulations and Trade Agreements
  • Automated Customs Documentation Systems

Navy Basic Nuclear Power School (after 1961)† 41
Navy Qualifications Beyond Basic Nuclear Power School 3-20
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reactor Operator or Senior Reactor Operator License† 27
Child Development Associate (CDA) 9
NJ Basic Course for Investigators in County Prosecutor's Offices (1986 to present) 16
NJ Basic Municipal Course for Police Officers (Jan. 2000 to present) 24
NJ Basic Training for Corrections Officers (July 1989 to Dec. 1999) 12
NJ Basic Training for Corrections Officers (Jan. 2000 to present) 18
NJ Juvenile Justice Correctional Officer's Training (Oct. 1986 to present) 12
NJ State Police Basic Course for Police Officers (2000 to present) 34
Pennsylvania Police Academy Training (1988 to present) 15
Foundation for Educational Administration (NJ EXCEL Models 1 - 3) up to 47
Foundation for Educational Administration (NJ EXCEL Model 4) up to 15
NJ Leader to Leader (L2L) up to 8
Maalot Yerushalayim up to 6
National Kitchen and Bath Association Certifications
  • Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD)
  • Certified Bath Designer (CBD)
  • Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD)
  • Certified Kitchen Educator (CKE)
  • Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD)

New Jersey Basic Course for Police Officers (Jan. 1986 – Dec. 1999) 16
New Jersey Council for the Humanities (credit award inactive effective Feb. 26, 2009) up to 15
New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission Direct Care Staff Training 9
New Jersey State Police In-Service Training (Jan. 2000 – present) up to 32
PC Age (Computer Science/IT courses 43
PSE&G Apprentice Training
  • Apprentice Division Mechanic
  • Apprentice Substation Operator
  • Apprentice Service Dispatcher
  • Apprentice Substation Mechanic
  • Apprentice Relay Technician
  • Apprentice Engineering Technician
  • Apprentice Meter Technician
  • Apprentice Lineman/Linewoman
  • Apprentice Street Mechanic
  • Apprentice Service Technician
up to 45
Starting Points, Institute for Early Childhood Educators up to 25
United Parcel Service (Hub Supervisor Training School) 9
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
  • MOS 11B
  • MOS 13 B/D/M/P/T
  • MOS14 E/G/H/J/S/T
  • MOS 19 D/K
  • Structured Self Development I; Warrior Leader Course; Advanced Leader Course

up to 18
up to 17
up to 21
up to 9
up to 17
West Point Command and Leadership 6

†There is duplication within the recommendation of these two-credit awards. If a student holds both, the maximum credit award will be 57 credits.

American Society for Nondestructive Testing

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Certification Level II Credits Level III Credits
Any testing method 6 12
Radiographic testing 3 7
Ultrasonic testing 3 7
Magnetic Liquid testing 3 6
Eddy Current testing 3 3
Leak testing 3 3

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Certification Credits
Shift Technical Advisor 54
Senior Reactor Operator 60
Licensed Operator 56
Non-Licensed Operator 36
Engineering Personnel 29
Radiological Technician 41
Chemistry Technician 41
Electrician 28
Instrumentation & Control Technician 32
Maintenance Mechanic 26


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