Will my college credits transfer?

Charles Thomson, Jr., BA

Charles Thomson, Jr., BA
"My kids are very busy with sports. My wife is very busy with work, so it made it real easy for me..."
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Yolanda Soto, BA

Yolanda Soto, BA
"Just because I decided to take that leap of faith to finish my degree, all these doors opened up..."
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Corinne Rao, BSBA

Corinne Rao, BSBA
"It was a 24-year course overall, but I've succeeded and it is the most important thing. It shows my children that I can do it, it shows my self that I can do it..."
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James Hooper, BA

James Hooper, BA
"It seems like I have been going to school for 25 years. Thomas Edison was such a great thing for me because I was able to transfer so many credits..."
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Farzana Haider, BA

Farzana Haider, BA
"I feel I am more competent now and that I can show my children how valuable education is. I'm setting the example for them..."
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Herbert Coleman, BA

Herbert Coleman, BA
"I was amazed to see how many credits this college accepted... I had amassed quite a few over the years...It means the world to me..."
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Barbara Becker, AAS & BSBA

Barbara Becker, AAS & BSBA
"My experience as a student at the college was very fulfilling. It was a nontraditional way..."
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Robey Reed, BSAST

Robey Reed, BSAST
"I looked at a lot of schools when I was in the military, and from what I saw..."
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Maureen Hennessey, BA

Maureen Hennessey, BA
"I don't like leaving things unfinished... and I've gone back to college a number of times..."
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Tanvi Kothari, BA

Tanvi Kothari, BA
"Thomas Edison State College made getting a degree very convenient. Thomas Edison also offered..."
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Jim Harrington, BA

Jim Harrington, BA
"I never dreamed I would have my degree at this age. I thought it was something..."
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Helene Loeb, BSHS

Helene Loeb, BSHS
"Thomas Edison really prepared me to become a leader and interact as well as instruct and support the nurses that are out on the unit.."
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Holly Pitti, BSBA

Holly Pitti, BSBA
"I wanted to show my kids that education was important. I have five children and the flexibility..."
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Maryanne Spatola, BS

Maryanne Spatola, BS
"Finishing my degree was a tremendous leg up for me in terms of marketability..."
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James V. McGuire IV, BSHS

James V. McGuire IV, BSHS
"My father always told me he wanted me to go to college. My father never finished high school..."
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Kristina Romero, BA

Kristina Romero, BA
"...the best thing about Thomas Edison... your workload is whatever you want to make it..."
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Ashley Pistorio, BSAST

Ashley Pistorio, BSAST
"I wasn't really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I needed a degree to go anywhere...."
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Rolondo Gorostiza, BSAST

Rolondo Gorostiza, BSAST
"My experiences as a student were nothing short of wonderful..."
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Michael Mendes, MAEdL

Michael Mendes, MAEdL
"I can tell my expectations were exceeded. The school did so much for me. It helped me get where I am now..."
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Irving Cintron, AAS

Irving Cintron, AAS
"I have done everything online which to me was exceptional..."
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Dailys Cintron, AA

Dailys Cintron, AA
"Thomas Edison State College accepted more of my credits from my other university..."
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Adam Bernstein, BA

Adam Bernstein, BA
"I was able to complete my degree in about a year… It’s been a good experience..."
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Rachel Moore, MSHRM

Rachel Moore, MSHRM
"I work in New York and have a long commute so the ability to work on my classwork when I had the time provided a good work-life balance..."
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Pedro Amaro, BSAST

Pedro Amaro, BSAST
"I have a demanding job and a family… Thomas Edison allowed me to pick me courses and that was best way for me to finish a little faster than if I went to a more traditional school..."
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Tiffany Jenkins, BSHS

Tiffany Jenkins, BSHS
"The mentors were awesome. They were always available. It really defied my stereotype of what it would be like to go to school online..."
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Dean Clemente, BSOL

Dean Clemente, BSOL
"You come across a lot of different people geographically… that interaction added a great deal of value because I was able to obtain a different dimension and perspective from other professionals..."
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Brian Fogarty, BSAST

Brian Fogarty, BSAST
"When I looked at schools, Thomas Edison really had the edge over all the other schools, even looking at private schools near my home outside of Philadelphia..."
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Vietthi Nguyen, BSAST

Vietthi Nguyen, BSAST
"As a military member, I am busy serving our country, protecting our freedom and serving my family… TESC was the number one pick for me because it offers flexibility..."
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Fakera Nazneen, MSM

Fakera Nazneen, MSM
"I liked the flexibility it offered and that the whole school is supportive of your goal..."
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Winfried Dzandu-Hedidor, BA

Winfried Dzandu-Hedidor, BA
"Some of the courses I took included Intercultural Relationships… for an organization like the UN, that lesson of how to communicate with people of varied back-ground assisted me a lot..."
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Jessica Vaz, BA

Jessica Vaz, BA
"I loved the flexibility the school offered and that is what made me chose Thomas Edison..."
Watch Jessica »

Arthur J. Pellerin, BA

Arthur J. Pellerin, BA
"I wanted to progress and show my kids that anyone can do it and prove the point to my soldiers as well..."
Watch Arthur »

Karen Hatcher, BA

Karen Hatcher, BA
"The prior learning assessment option for me was really amazing..."
Watch Karen »

Joshua A. Grimm, MSM

Joshua A. Grimm, MSM
"Without the degree I would have been passed over for the management position..."
Watch Joshua »

Lauren Centrella, BA

Lauren Centrella, BA
"I've always worked and gone to school part-time at other universities...and I wanted to finally finish up my degree..."
Watch Lauren »

Sudesh Joshi-Chhibbar, BSN

Sudesh Joshi-Chhibbar, BSN
"Online courses are very helpful for busy nurses because we don't have to leave our home..."
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Jason Didomenico, BA

Jason Didomenico, BA
"I liked the curriculum and I liked this school is regionally accredited versus nationally..."
Watch Jason »

Barbara A. Hare, BSBA

Barbara A. Hare, BSBA
"I was determined to remove an obstacle to success by actually starting to complete my bachelor's degree..."
Watch Barbara »

Bill Benson, BSAST

Bill Benson, BSAST
"Once I talked with the people here at Thomas Edison, they guided my through the process..."
Watch Bill »

Annevictoria Palumbo, BSHS

Annevictoria Palumbo, BSHS
"The online was nice because it was flexible it gave me the flexibility of doing it when it was convenient for me..."
Watch Annevictoria »

John Kurzenberger, BA

John Kurzenberger, BA
"Coming to Thomas Edison State College was the only way I could complete my degree..."
Watch John »

Cheryl Jefferson, MSM

Cheryl Jefferson, MSM
"The experience developed my leadership skills much more than I already had..."
Watch Cheryl »

Saher Malik, BA

Saher Malik, BA
"Thomas Edison was very flexible and the professors were very accommodating and very helpful..."
Watch Saher »

Dexter Trotter, BA

Dexter Trotter, BA
"My inspiration for going back and finishing my degree was my daughter and my family..."
Watch Dexter »

Towanda Edwards, BA

Towanda Edwards, BA
"I didn't want to be one of those parents who says you must to go to college but hadn't done so..."
Watch Towanda »

Julio Hoyos, BSBA

Julio Hoyos, BSBA
"I wanted to show my kids that no matter what, you can do it..."
Watch Julio »

Benjamin Vonderreith, BSAST

Benjamin Vonderreith, BSAST
"One of the reasons I went to Thomas Edison is that they accepted so much of my Navy training..."
Watch Benjamin »

Angela Gibson, BSBA

Angela Gibson, BSBA
"In order to get back out into the workforce, I had to complete my degree..."
Watch Angela »

Anne Rudolph, BA

Anne Rudolph, BA
"I finally found a profession I was interested in and I had to have a degree within that field, so that was what inspired me to comeback..."
Watch Anne »

Joyce Serdinsky, BA

Joyce Serdinsky, BA
"I had to say no to certain things and yes to my books, and it was worth it 100 percent..."
Watch Joyce »

Jennifer Consuegra, BS

Jennifer Consuegra, BS
"I think what I liked best about it was that I could make my own schedule..."
Watch Jennifer »

Joan Martins, BA

Joan Martins, BA
"My inspiration for returning to college to finish my degree was a personal one. I needed to finish something I started before I had a family..."
Watch Joan »

Patricia Stevens, BSN

Patricia Stevens, BSN
"I finally had the opportunity after my children were grown to fulfill my dream..."
Watch Patricia »

Kyle Robertson, BSBA

Kyle Robertson, BSBA
"My target was to graduate before my first child and he just turned 13, so I made it with some spare time..."
Watch Kyle »

Michele DeNoia, MSM

Michele DeNoia, MSM
"It was a wonderful experience..."
Watch Michele »

Tambra Butler, BA

Tambra Butler, BA
"It was a goal of mine ever since I graduating high school 20 years ago...for my parents, and my dad especially..."
Watch Tambra »

Keisha Patrick, BSBA

Keisha Patrick, BSBA
"Pretty much I wanted to get my bachelor's degree to pursue other opportunities and because I have two teenage boys so I wanted for them to see that this is possible..."
Watch Keisha »

Mia Keay, BSBA

Mia Keay, BSBA
"I always wanted to get my degree but I started working right after high school and a certain point I realized I would probably not be able to advance in my career unless I had a four-year degree..."
Watch Mia »

Tina Smith-Jeffries, BA

Tina Smith-Jeffries, BA
"it was challenging at times... There were long nights, large cups of coffee but it paid off in the end..."
Watch Tina »

Hazel Gordon-Suppa, BSN

Hazel Gordon-Suppa, BSN
"It's about getting the patient care possible; the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to take care of the patients..."
Watch Hazel »

Daniel Palermo, BA

Daniel Palermo, BA
"I had to take the time for my children to go college, which they have successfully done, and I felt it was time with the military's assistance for me to return to school and accomplish my degree..."
Watch Daniel »

Victor Dent, BA

Victor Dent, BA
"It is very convenient taking classes online. You can do your studies over the weekend, at night or in the wee hours of the morning..."
Watch Victor »

Invention Archives

Invention is the magazine of Thomas Edison State College, which keeps alumni, supporters, students and friends abreast of news from the College, including new programs and services, special events and alumni profiles and updates.

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Invention Winter 2014

Winter 2014

  • Superhuman Resource (Bette J. Francis '95, '99)
  • Wells Fargo Selects College to House N.C. Wyeth Painting
  • Martinson Family Foundation Invests in Course Development
  • New Open Course Option Created
  • Grande Ball 2013
  • Dorothy Moreno '13
Invention Fall 2013

Fall 2013

  • Performance Improvement (Dominic Puggi '11, '13)
  • College Receives Federal Economic Development Grant
  • New Dean Appointed to School of Applied Science & Technology
  • Watson institute Aids Childhood Educators at Cultural Competency Institute
  • Nursing School Hosts Open House for New Simulation Lab
  • The 41st Annual Commencement
  • Victoria Delligatti '12
Invention Summer 2013

Summer 2013

  • From Halfball to Headlines (Dick Sheeran '91)
  • Assistant Dean Named as ABET Commissioner
  • MBA Prep Program is Gateway to MBA Program
  • The Next Generation for General Education
  • College Names New Business School Dean
  • College Celebrates 25th Anniversary or National Institute
  • Alumni Profile: Otok Ben-Hvar BA '08
Invention Spring 2013

Spring 2013

  • Nursing Simulation Lab Opens
  • College Earns National Press
  • Accelerated BSN Graduates Earn 100% Pass Rate on National Nursing Licensure Exam
  • College and Saylor Foundation Announce Open Course Collaboration
  • Alumni Profile: Paula Vaughan BSBA '90, MSM '98
  • Steven Gregor '09 and Jill Green '11 on Educational Leadership
Invention Winter 2013

Winter 2013

  • Taking Flight (Dr. Gregory F. Milzcik '94)
  • College Prepares Move to New Learning Management System
  • College Launches Second Degree Program in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology
  • Library Plays Key role in Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts
  • Alumni Profile: Cynthia Yard '90
Invention Fall 2012

Fall 2012

  • Energized to the Core: Important Role College Plays in the Nuclear Industry
  • College Launches MA in Educational Technology and Online Learning Leadership Degree
  • Nuclear Energy Engineering Tech Program Earns ABET Accreditation
  • Alumni Profile: Yolanda Golebiowski ‘90
  • College Celebrates 40th Commencement
Invention Summer 2012

Summer 2012

  • Celebrating 40 Years
  • College Launches MBA Program
  • College Announces New Dean of the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing
  • College Earns Reaccreditation from Middle States
  • Alumni Profile: Madeleine Yates '91
Invention Spring 2012

Spring 2012

  • Always Giving Back (Antonia Marotta-Brinton '83)
  • College Plans Launch of Master of Public Service Leadership Degree
  • Polysomnography Program Earns Accreditation
  • Alumni Profile: Kate Kennedy '05
  • 2011 Honor Roll of Donors
Invention Winter 2012

Winter 2012

  • Role Model (John J. McCann '90)
  • Making Special Deliveries to Deployed Military Students
  • The 2011 Fall Commencement
  • Dancing to Her Own Tune (Amanda Rose Long '10, '11)
  • Grande Ball 2011
Invention Fall 2011

Fall 2011

  • Growing Strong: Growth of the School of Nursing
  • Three College Bachelor Degrees Named "Best Buys"
  • College Launches New Graduate Area of Study
  • Game Changer (Shon Brooks '98)
  • Surviving and Thriving (Karen F. Riley '99)
Invention Summer 2011

Summer 2011

  • Elevation (Robert Wyman '02)
  • College Grads Have Highest CPA Exam Pass Rates
  • College Receives 2011 Distance Education Innovation Award
  • Grande Ball 2011
  • Marie Jones, '10, Keeps Hope Alive
Invention Spring 2011

Spring 2011

  • Reaching New Heights (Deborah Donnelly-McLay '95)
  • College Launches Accelerated Second Degree BSN Program
  • College Expands Educational Leadership Program
  • Inaugural Spring Commencement
  • Honor Roll of Donors
Invention Winter 2011

Winter 2011

  • Taking Stock (Gail Pankey-Albert '10)
  • Alumni Profile: Mary Lukes Stamoulis '77
  • College Gets High Marks in National Alumni Survey
  • 2010 Grande Ball - "Roaring 20s"
  • College Names School of Nursing in Honor of W. Cary Edwards
Invention Fall 2010

Fall 2010

  • Into the Fire (David Neuman '10)
  • College Announces New Dean of School of Business and Management
  • College Launches Online Proctoring
  • Todd Lange: On the Road to Recovery
Invention Summer 2010

Summer 2010

  • Learning for Life (Gary Fassler '08)
  • College Receives $5.1 Million Grant for State Library
  • Mentor Profile: Dr. Jack Howell
  • Student Profile: Michelle Rebstock
Invention Spring 2010

Spring 2010

  • CSI New Jersey (Tanvi Kothari '06)
  • College Names New Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Nursing Diversity Program Celebrates Fifth Year
  • Honor Roll of Donors
Invention Winter 2009

Winter 2010

  • Taking Charge (Lt. Brad Brezinski '04)
  • Delivering for UPS (John Kurzenberger)
  • 37th Annual Commencement
  • 2009 Grande Ball
Invention Fall 2009

Fall 2009

  • Head of the Class (Michael Mendes '09)
  • Alumni Profile: Jackie Williams '86
  • Alumni Profile: Abraham Goldenberg '09
  • Nursing Earns CCNE Accreditation
Invention Spring 2009

Spring 2009

  • Virtuoso (Arthur Brooks '94)
  • Prepared to Lead (Col. Dennis Devery '05)
  • President George Pruitt Earns Award
  • Honor Roll of Donors
Invention Winter 2008

Winter 2009

  • Your Courses in a Flash
  • The 36th Annual Commencement
  • The Grande Ball 2008, "A Starry Night"
  • Thank You For Taking Action!
Invention Fall 2008

Fall 2008

  • You Can Hear Her Now! (Christine Baron '07)
  • College Receives Federal Grant to Continue Minority Nurse Educator Program
  • Alumni Profile: Lt. Kenneth E. Wuerker '07)
  • Continuing Studies: Kathy Matthews & Joan O'Donnell
Invention Summer 2008

Summer 2008

  • Soaring (Anthony DiNota '97)
  • Making a Difference (Mackington Jospeh '08)
  • Taking Care of Business (Fred J. Lewis '90)
  • 20th Annual National Institute
Invention Spring 2008

Spring 2008

  • ACE Adult Learner of the Year
  • Convoys and College Courses (Lt. Jason Anderson '06)
  • Working Together (MSM 2007 Cohort)
  • Honor Roll of Donors
  • Nurse Paralegal Certificate Launched
Invention Winter 2007

Winter 2008

  • From Brooklyn to Beverly Hills (Ernest Wooden, '07)
  • Finding Purpose (Michael Cestero, '03)
  • 35th Annual Commencement
  • Grande Ball 2007
Invention Fall 2007

Fall 2007

  • What We Can Do For Brown (UPS)
  • New Degrees in Educational Leadership
  • Committed to Preservation (George R. Stubbs, '99)
  • School of Nursing Hosts National Diversity Lectureship
  • New Certificates in Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness
Invention Summer 2007

Summer 2007

  • When Preparation Meets Opportunity (Michael Brewster, ’93)
  • Helping Our Forces Be Prepared
  • Partnering with Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Fast Track To Success (Raymond Koski ’93)
  • Partnering with Energy Industry to Meet Nationwide Shortages
  • Honor Roll of Donors
Invention Winter2006

Winter 2007

  • Her Big Break (Kristina Sisco ’06)
  • Celebrating Academic Achievement
  • New Online Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • 34th Annual Commencement
  • The Crystal Anniversary Grande Ball 2006
Invention Fall 2006

Fall 2006

  • Prime Mover (Steve King, ’93)
  • College Hosts National Diversity in Nursing Event
  • Alumni Ambassador Program Launched
  • New MBA Essentials Certificate
Invention Summer 2006

Summer 2006

  • State of the Artists
  • International Partnership Reached
  • College Partners with Virtua Health
  • Student Works to Revitalize Trenton, NJ