Getting Started

Degree Planning - What is it about?

Degree planning is a process that allows you to understand your options for completing your degree and to plan ahead. Degree planning can be described as "asking for advice" or getting preapproval to earn specific credits toward your degree before you register and pay for a course, before you begin a course and certainly long before you finish the course. Getting courses/credits preapproved ensures that the credits earned will apply to your Thomas Edison State College degree program and eliminates the possibility of duplicating something you have already completed. Degree planning also involves decisions about what is right for you with regard to choice of courses, choice of programs and other decisions that you will need to make.

This Handbook will explain how you can best work your way through your degree with the assistance of the College's academic advisement team and other staffs. It will help you to understand the options available for you to earn your remaining credits on the way to degree completion. With the help of this Handbook, the College Catalog and the advisement team, you will have a better understanding about your current credits and how they apply to your chosen degree program, the most appropriate degree program for you, your academic preferences, the educational options the College offers and how all of these factors will be interwoven to benefit you.

This degree planning process can be more easily accomplished if you do the following: