Turnitin FAQs for Students

TurnitinTurnitin is an online plagiarism prevention service designed to help you improve your writing and citation skills while maintaining the academic integrity associated with your Thomas Edison State College degree program.

Turnitin is a free service for the College’s enrolled students and Turnitin Originality Reports are now required in many courses that contain at least one writing assignment. In most courses, you will only encounter one or two assignments in which a Turnitin Originality Report is required. It is important to remember that only you see originality reports generated by Turnitin until you are ready to submit your assignment to your mentor. If you have questions while using the service, review the Turnitin Manual for Students. You can also contact the Learner Support Center by email: lsc@tesc.edu or phone: (888) 442-8372 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.



Turnitin FAQs

How does the Turnitin service work?

Prior to submitting a Turnitin required assignment to your mentor, you can upload it to the Turnitin Website. Turnitin matches your content against an extensive database of online resources, journal articles, research papers and other students’ work. Turnitin then generates an originality report for your eyes only. Once you receive this report you may resolve occurrences of unoriginal content or citation issues and resubmit your assignment to Turnitin. When it comes time to submit your written assignment to your mentor, just make sure your final Turnitin report accompanies it. In most courses, you will only have one or two written assignments that require an accompanying Turnitin report.


How do I sign up and gain access to Turnitin?

Once you are logged into your course through myEdison®, you will see the “Using Turnitin for Assignments” link on your course homepage or “Topics List” page. After clicking the link, a pop-up window will appear. Select the “Course ID and password by semester” link and find the Course ID and password for the current term in which you are enrolled. Once you are on the Turnitin site, follow instructions to input your TESC course ID number and password and create a user profile page. You can also find the Turnitin link within the Module containing the assignment that requires a Turnitin report. Click here to view a Turnitin tutorial on creating a new user profile. 


How do I add a Thomas Edison State College course to my Turnitin profile?

All Thomas Edison State College courses in a given term are considered one “Turnitin class”.  For example, if you are enrolled in 3 courses (where Turnitin is required) in April, you will only have one “Turnitin class”. When initially creating your Turnitin account, you are automatically enrolled in the Turnitin class for the term.  For every subsequent term, you will need to manually add a class. To enroll manually, click the “Enrolling in a Class” tab located on your Turnitin homepage and enter the corresponding Course ID and password. Click here to view a Turnitin tutorial on how to add/join a class.


How do I generate a Turnitin Originality Report?

Complete the following steps:

  1. On yourTurnitin homepage, click the section you are currently enrolled in under “Class Name.”
  2. Click the “Submit” button located at the bottom right of each assignment. You may click any assignment slot.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the upload of your assignment. If you are uploading a file, select “Single File Upload” and choose the assignment you wish to upload. Click “Upload” once you have selected the file you want to upload.
  4. Your paper will appear in a preview box. Check to make sure it is the assignment you intended to upload and click the “Submit” button.
  5. Your paper will take up to 2 minutes to upload into Turnitin’s system. Please note: Every subsequent submission in the same assignment slot will take up to 24 hours to load per assignment draft, so plan accordingly.
  6. Click the “Portfolio” button which will redirect you to your assignment box.
  7. You can view your originality report by clicking “View” on the right of the screen next to the corresponding assignment.

View additional instructions on how to submit an assignment and create your Turnitin Originality Report.

View a tutorial on viewing and understanding your Turnitin Originality Report

Learn More about your Turnitin Originality Report


Why does the number of upload links in Turnitin exceed my number of Turnitin-required assignments?

The assignments you see in Turnitin are just placeholders and may not correspond to your particular course since the assignment requirements vary per course.


Why don’t I see my exact assignment listed under my course section in Turnitin?

The assignments listed in Turnitin don’t correspond to any particular class. For example, if you are required to submit an Originality Report for “Case Study 1,” in your course, you may use any of the open assignment slots labeled “Upload Assignment Here.”


How do I save my Turnitin Originality Report to my computer?

Open your Turnitin Originality Report by selecting “View” next to the corresponding assignment slot in Turnitin.  Once the Originality Report appears, click the small “printer/download” button located at the bottom left.  Select the first option “Download pdf of current view for printing”. Please note, saving and uploading only your receipt does not provide your mentor any details on the report beside proof of submission.


What files do I need to finally upload to my mentor?

You will need to upload both your assignment and your final Turnitin Originality Report.