Thank a Donor and Get a Gift!

Thomas Edison State College Alumni

On September 26, 2015, stop by the Thomas Edison State College Foundation table and sign a note to thank one of our alumni donors. Let them know who you are and let them share in your day of celebration before you walk across the stage.

As a thank you from us for your participation, you will receive a complimentary Thomas Edison State College recyclable tote bag.

The Thomas Edison State College Foundation table will be located across from the College store by Gate C. Stop by after 9AM for your free gift.

Our alumni donors have been in your shoes. They believe in our mission and most importantly they believe in our students. We would like to take this opportunity to allow them to hear from you – the next graduates of the College.

Alumni support of the TESC Foundation helps provide the College with the resources it needs to continue providing for the next generation of graduates. Stop by to thank those alumni who have generously supported your alma mater!