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Michael Williams, associate dean
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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a relevant and rigorous graduate program that can be completed in 18 months. All courses are offered entirely online in eight-week formats. Some courses include periodic live online participation at specific set times. All courses are offered in eight (8) week sessions, six terms per year which include January, March, May, July, September and November (See the MBA Calendar). The MBA start/entry periods are January, May and September.

What You Will Learn in the MBA Program
Students will learn advanced communication, analytical and leadership skills.  Learn more about our MBA Program outcomes.

Preparing to Become a Business Professional
The MBA program prepares students for leadership roles in a wide range of industries.  Students may select from the following areas of study: Data Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Management or Marketing.

Prerequisites: All MBA candidates are required to have completed undergraduate courses in the following topics: Financial Accounting, Statistics and Microeconomics or candidates can register for the customized MBA Preparatory Program that is scheduled prior to MBA entry terms. Learn more.

Upcoming Admissions Schedule

Term Application Deadline Term Start Date
MBA Sept. 2014 Aug. 15, 2014 Sept. 1, 2014
MBA Jan.2015 Dec 12, 2014 Jan. 5, 2015
MBA May 2015 April 17, 2015 May 4, 2015


Credit Distribution

Subject/Category Credits
I. Core Courses 15
A. Ethics for Managers 3
B. Marketing Management 3
C. Financial Management 3
D. Strategic Operations Management 3
FE Global Strategic Management 3
II. Electives & Areas of Study 24
Students may select any combination of MBA electives or select one of the following areas of study:  Data Analytics, Finance, Healthcare Management or Marketing.   
A. Entrepreneurship 3
B. Human Resource Management 3
C. Project Management 3
D. Market Research 3
E. Social Media 3
F. Investments 3
G. Financial Statement Analysis 3
H. Negotiations 3
I. Designing a Business Case for Sustainability 3
Areas of Study  
Students selecting an area of study must complete all course work listed under the area of study designation and have the option of satisfying a portion of the course work in the area of study with Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).  
A. Data Analytics  
B. Finance  
C. Healthcare Management  
D. Marketing  
Total 39 credits

Data Analytics

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The Data Analytics area of study prepares students to access, analyze, manage and present data to an organization’s decision makers. The focus of the program is to prepare students to use data to identify marketing trends and develop strategies and tactics based on information.  Learn more about data analytics.

Specialty Courses Credits
Managerial Statistics 3
Business Forecasting 3
Predictive Analytics for Business Intelligence 3
Data Analytics and Visualization with Capstone 3
Total 12 credits


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The Finance area of study provides students with broad professional competence and skills that prepares them for careers at banks, financial institutions and firms in a wide variety of industry sectors. Learn more about finance.

Specialty Courses Credits
Investments 3
Financial Statement Analysis 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Topics in Global Finance 3
Total 12 credits

Healthcare Management

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The Healthcare Management area of study prepares students with management and critical thinking skills and an operational understanding of market trends, regulatory changes and financial realities currently facing the healthcare industry. Learn more about healthcare management.

Specialty Courses Credits
Healthcare Delivery 3
Healthcare Finance 3
Strategic Management within a Healthcare Organization 3
Healthcare Law 3
Total 12 credits


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The Marketing area of study prepares graduates for careers in a wide variety of industry sectors, with courses focusing on generating awareness and demand for the products and services sold with an emphasis is on how media and the Internet can support such efforts. Learn more about marketing.

Specialty Courses Credits
Market Research 3
Social Media 3
Global Marketing 3
Digital Marketing Analytics 3
Total 12 credits


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“Our MBA is an accelerated, highly flexible and career-focused degree program that is offered completely online and provides graduates with competencies that are in demand by the fastest growing professions and industries.”


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