Getting Started with Open Courses

If you are interested in the Open Course option, these steps will help you get started.

Step 1: Apply and Enroll
If you are new to Thomas Edison State College and not yet an enrolled student, your first step is to apply to Thomas Edison State College and become an enrolled student. This allows the College to track your progress, determine how your transfer credits and previous training can apply to your degree, provide academic advising and enable you to earn a degree. You will receive directions on how to enroll after you apply and are accepted to the College. If you are already an enrolled student at Thomas Edison State College, you are ready for Step 2.

Learn more about the open courses provided by the Saylor Foundation aligned with this ASBA option.
Step 2: Complete Requirements for English 101 and 102
Once you have selected a tuition plan and become an enrolled student, your next step is passing the TECEP® exams for English 101 (ENC-101) and English 102 (ENC-102). You can prepare for these exams using Saylor courses or, if you feel you are ready to take the exams without additional preparation, you may take them directly. Please note that all credit-by-exams, including TECEP®, are pass/fail. If you are able to satisfy requirements for English 101 and 102 via transfer credit, you are ready for Step 3.
Step 3: Register for PLA-100 and PLA-200
The only Thomas Edison State College course students must complete in the Open Course option is PLA-100 and PLA-200, which reviews the concept and methods of prior learning assessment and will show you how to document and articulate your prior learning through the creation of portfolio assessments.
Step 4: Complete Remaining Assessments for ASBA Open Course option
Once you have completed PLA-100 and PLA-200, you should have an idea of what credits can be earned through portfolio assessment and which credits remain for you to earn via the Open Course option. Now you are ready to start completing the remaining credits for the ASBA using the Saylor courses and the variety of assessments available.

These four steps are intended to give students, especially those not familiar with Thomas Edison State College, an idea on how to get started earning credit through the Open Course option. For more information, contact our Learner Support Center at or (888) 442-8372, weekdays from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET).