PHR® / SPHR® Certificate Preparatory Course

SHRM Certificate Preparatory Course Overview

Thomas Edison State College offers the online SHRM Learning System® Preparatory course for the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) exams. The PHR® (Professional in Human Resources) or SPHR® (Senior Professional in Human Resources) designations recognized as benchmarks of professional excellence world-wide. The PHR® certification focuses on key technical and operational elements of HR practice while the SPHR® certification addresses strategic, policy and process components of HR leadership. This course is offered in a 12-week, self-paced, independent study format with limited mentor support.

Inter-School Partnership: A Unique Context of Learning and Application

The SHRM Learning System® Preparatory course is delivered through an inter-school partnership between the School of Business and Management and John S. Watson School of Public Service and Continuing Studies. The union of these schools provides business, public service and continuing education learners with unique insights and applications of course content in practice.

2014 SHRM Learning System for PHR / SPHR Certificate Online Course Schedule: 2014 and Beyond

The next HRCI PHR® / SPHR® Certification Preparatory Course will be scheduled for Spring/Summer 2015

Contact Camilla King-Lewis, Assistant Dean, School of Business and Management to discuss the online PHR® or SPHR® Certification Preparatory Course.

Camilla King-Lewis
Assistant Dean
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Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 250,000 members in over 140 countries, the Society serves the needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession. Founded in 1948, SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the United States and subsidiary offices in China, India and United Arab Emirates.

Online Course Schedule: This course is being offered in the Spring/Summer 2015 semester.