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Michael Williams, associate dean
Watch Michael Williams, dean in the School of Business and Management, discuss the MBA Prep Program.

The MBA Preparatory Program is an online, noncredit program that prepares professionals to enroll in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program at Thomas Edison State College. The three-course program is designed for professionals who have earned a nonbusiness undergraduate degree or want a "refresher" course in business fundamentals. The MBA Preparatory Program presents foundational principles in three prerequisite areas: financial accounting, microeconomics and statistics.

The program's adult-centered course design, peer-encouraged instructional strategies and live, facilitator-led topic review sessions provide a powerful learning platform for working professionals. Candidates accepted into the program follow customized curricula and learning plans aligned with key learning objectives and topics in the MBA degree program. The preparatory program's weekly discussion questions, content assessments and facilitator topic review sessions focus on topic learning, performance feedback and skills acquisition in preparation for course final exams. Passing the preparatory program courses satisfies MBA degree prerequisites, in turn allowing enrollment in MBA program.

Program Overview

First 4 weeks (both courses taken simultaneously)

Next 8 weeks

The program offers maximum flexibility. Students need only to take the courses they need.

Who Should Apply?
Professionals who have earned a nonbusiness undergraduate degree in areas such as education, medicine, law, healthcare, humanities or the arts as well as those wanting "refresher" courses in business fundamentals are ideal candidates. For professionals who have earned discipline-specific certifications or acquired experience and expertise deemed equivalent to prerequisite courses, the courses may be waived. Applicants who satisfy MBA program prerequisites can be accepted directly into the MBA degree program.

How is this MBA Preparation Program Unique?

  • Program Length - All courses can be completed in 12 weeks or less depending on equivalences
  • Prerequisite Courses Waived - Prerequisite courses may be waived if prior course work, earned professional certifications and/or professional knowledge and expertise satisfy program standards
  • Instructional Delivery - Fully online with facilitator-led topic review sessions
  • Grading - Courses are Pass/Fail and noncredit
  • Program Offering Schedule - Prior to annual MBA program entries (November, January and March) and periodically throughout the year
  • Affordability - The cost for completing the MBA Preparatory Program is $2,785*. This is a significant value when compared with other public, regionally accredited business schools.

For more information, contact Camilla King Lewis, assistant dean, School of Business and Management

*Based on 2013-2014 Thomas Edison State College cost estimate.


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“Our MBA is an accelerated, highly flexible and career-focused degree program that is offered completely online and provides graduates with competencies that are in demand by the fastest growing professions and industries.”


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