8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Create With Your Commencement Robe

Posted Friday, October 31, 2014

Commencement may be over, but the excitement still lingers. You only wore your cap and gown once, and you may be wondering – could that be it? Sure, you could hang your robe up in your closet, or tuck it away in a box full of memories. Or, you could use it for the one other day in the year when it is perfectly acceptable to dress up any way you like – Halloween of course!

So if you’re looking to wear your Commencement robe one last time and need a last minute costume, here are eight

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9 Critical Factors You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Study Space

Posted Thursday, July 03, 2014

Your surroundings make a huge impact on how efficient and effective you are. They can affect your mood, energy and concentration, and your study space is no different. Consider the place you finish most of your schoolwork:

Are you in an office with constant commotion?

Is it in a coffee shop with dim lighting?

Do you sit on the back porch watching your kids laugh and play?

Whatever the atmosphere of your study space, though it be homey and comfortable, it may actually be hurting your

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7 Common Mistakes That Can Seriously Hurt Your GPA

Posted Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your GPA (grade point average) is more than just a number; it’s one of the few ways you’re able to assess your progress and learning throughout your college career. But getting the GPA you want, or the GPA you are truly capable of, can be hard. Even though you are the one in control of your education and future, it may not always feel that way. 

Poor grades are often the result of poor habits, not poor intellect. The wrong decisions can hurt your GPA. You already know how to work

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9 Things You Can Learn From Your Kids About Going Back to School

Posted Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Your dinner table is covered in textbooks and papers… pencils are hiding under folders… and you can just make out a calculator or two buried under some barely legible scribbled notes. But none of it belongs to your children.

Homework time isn’t just for kids anymore.

Where you once quizzed your son in preparation for his spelling test, he’s now quizzing you for your World Geography final exam. Just as you used to listen to your daughter read aloud in the other room

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Finding Military Financial Aid and Scholarships

Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whether its preparing for a civilian career, frequent deployments, advancing your rank, earning your degree while serving your country, figuring out your GI Bill benefits or navigating the challenges of having a family member on active duty… there’s a lot to handle if you are a member of the United States military, a military spouse or veteran. This leaves you little or no time to identify scholarships or financial assistance.

Getting the financial aid you deserve can prove tricky to

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