7 Essential Student Resources to Ease Your Schoolwork Pains

Posted Wednesday, August 06, 2014

By Kay Howard
Student Affairs Specialist, Learner Support Center


When you have multiple papers and projects due, research topics to brainstorm and exams to study for, time management, or actually finding any time at all, can be a real challenge. How can you keep up with all your assignments, avoid distractions and stay focused?

To increase your productivity and concentration, there is a collection of resources available to you as a Thomas Edison State College student. From 24/7

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5 Surprising Ways Technology Has Changed Since Your Traditional School Days

Posted Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Technology has undoubtedly transformed our lives. Our everyday gadgets now turn tedious actions into the simplest of tasks. Gone are late nights finding and fixing typos on a typewriter. Maps, watches and fax machines seem practically obsolete. And forget forgetting – you can now locate research, set alerts and reminders, and track your digital history – on one handheld device.

Today’s technological advancements have changed the way we work, function, and,

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13 Apps For Your Inner-Business Mogul

Posted Thursday, June 05, 2014

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, starting an MBA program, collaborating on a group project or looking to develop stronger professional skills, having the right tools at your fingertips to effectively and efficiently conduct business will prepare you for whatever corporate curveballs are thrown your way. We’ve found 13 apps that are designed to help you monitor your finances, keep up with trends and conduct meetings with clients or classmates at a desk or on the go. Maybe these apps

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7 Common Mistakes That Can Seriously Hurt Your GPA

Posted Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your GPA (grade point average) is more than just a number; it’s one of the few ways you’re able to assess your progress and learning throughout your college career. But getting the GPA you want, or the GPA you are truly capable of, can be hard. Even though you are the one in control of your education and future, it may not always feel that way. 

Poor grades are often the result of poor habits, not poor intellect. The wrong decisions can hurt your GPA. You already know how to work

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10 Quick Tips for Easily Solving Your Biggest Technical Issues

Posted Thursday, May 15, 2014

By Kay Howard
Student Affairs Specialist
, Learner Support Center

The online learning environment can be a demanding one. Even with the latest advances in technology, we all run into glitches but still want them solved… yesterday. Save yourself a couple of HelpDesk tickets and frantic phone calls with these 10 foolproof resolutions to your technical issues:

Technical Issue #1: I can’t submit/upload my course assignments or drag and drop, and the page keeps getting stuck.

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