How to Ensure You’re Prepared for Your First Online Course

Posted Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Did you choose your college?
That was a no-brainer.

Did you apply for admission?
Way ahead of you.

Did you enroll?
Easy peasy.

Did you register for your courses?
Ready to go, go, go!

Did you prepare for your first online course?
Wait – that’s a thing???

It is natural to be unsure about your first online course or unfamiliar with the expectations required of you. If you’ve only taken traditional classes in the past, the transformation to an online course can

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5 Essential Tools to Conquer (Even Accidental) Plagiarism

Posted Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Internet is certainly a wonderful thing. It has allowed us to stay informed about the political upheavals of countries thousands of miles away, stay connected with friends and family across oceans, take part in the latest viral dance craze, and of course, lets students from around the world obtain a degree by removing barriers like time and place. Because of the availability of resources at our disposal, we can find information on any topic, in any language, from any time, with the tap of a button

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