Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology

The Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology (MSAST) degree is an online program designed to meet the advanced, multi-disciplinary educational requirements of students interested in obtaining leadership positions in a variety of technical professions. The program focuses on developing the research analysis and critical evaluation skills necessary to support decision-making and problem-solving required to lead today's technical enterprises.

The core curriculum provides advanced learning in the modern tools of business management, leadership, applied science and technology. Students select from one of four areas of study: Clinical Trials Management, Information Technology, Nuclear Energy Technology Management and Technical Studies.

Core Course Requirements Credits
I. Core courses 15-18*
ORR-510 Organizational Research (3)
THC-625 Technology and the Human Community: Challenges and Responses** (3)
APS-600 Productivity Measurement and Continuous Improvement (3)
PJM-510 Project Management (3)
APS-601 Technology Innovation and Commercialization (3)
CSR-610 Corporate Social Responsibility (3)
MSI-501 Foundation of Information Technology* (3)
II. Areas of Study 12-15*
III. Master's Project 6
APS-700 Master's Project in Applied Science & Technology (6)
Total 36-39

*The Information Technology area of study requires students who are not working IT professionals to take MSI-501 Foundation of Information Technology as part of the core requirements, bringing the total credits needed to earn the degree to 39 credits. Students who are IT professionals at the time they are admitted into the program will not be required to take MSI-501, pending a review by the dean.

**Students who select the Information Technology area of study are not required to take THC-625: Technology and the Human Community: Challenges and Responses


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