Radiation Safety Officer Course

Thomas Edison State College has partnered with the prominent radiation protection firm Dade Moeller to develop Radiation Safety Officer (RSO-100-PS), an online, noncredit course designed to train students to lead businesses and industries in maintaining a safe working environment in facilities licensed or registered to possess radioactive materials and/or radiation producing machines.

The course provides the fundamentals of regulatory requirements, policies, and implementation practices for working with and supervising those who work with radioactive materials and radiation producing machines.

Successful completion of this course will satisfy part of the requirements for obtaining the necessary licensure to function as a Radiation Safety Officer as stated in 10CFR33.15 - Requirements for the issuance of a Type C specific license of broad scope:

At least 40 hours of training and experience in the safe handling of radioactive materials, and in the characteristics of ionizing radiation, units of radiation dose and quantities, radiation detection instrumentation, and biological hazards of exposure to radiation appropriate to the type and forms of byproduct material to be used.

The collaboration marks the first time that the Dade Moeller Training Academy’s Radiation Safety Officer classroom-based course is being offered online to a national audience of adult learners.

Course Fee and Schedule

Course Fee: $995.00 (includes all course materials)

Registration Schedule: RSO-100-PS: Radiation Safety Officer is offered four times a year. The Summer semester for this course is scheduled to run from July 13th – October 4th. The Fall semester is scheduled to run from September 21 – December 13th. The winter semester is scheduled to run from January 25 to April 10.

Register for the course.

The course is being offered jointly by the college’s School of Applied Science and Technology and John S. Watson School of Public Service and Continuing Education.

Earn Three Credits

The College has created a new TECEP® exam (APS-289-TE Radiation Safety Officer) that provides students who have completed either the online, noncredit course or Dade Moeller’s classroom-based course with the opportunity to earn three credits that can be applied to an associate or baccalaureate degree at the college. To earn the three credits, students must pass the TECEP® exam (APS-289-TE Radiation Safety Officer).

Students pay separate tuition and registration are required for TECEP® exams.


Dade Moeller

Contact Information

Email: appliedsciandtech@tesc.edu
Phone: (609) 984-1130