Exam Programs

Thomas Edison State College offers hundreds of examinations for evaluating prior college-level knowledge.

All of the examinations reflect content areas that are commonly covered in courses that are taught in college classrooms. When students earn credit by demonstrating their college-level knowledge and skills by scoring at a satisfactory level on examinations, they are proving that they have knowledge and skills equivalent to that of students who learn the material in the college classroom.

The College's own credit-by-exam program is called TECEP®

The College also accepts credit from other credit-by-exam programs. Check the links below to learn more information.  

In addition, the College serves as a test center for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Ohio University Examination Program and the New York University Proficiency Testing in Foreign Languages Program.

Under appropriate circumstances, credit will be recognized for examinations in programs no longer offered, such as the United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI). In addition, the College serves as a testing center for students who are enrolled in independent study courses from other institutions.

Learn more about credit-by-exam options for Thomas Edison State College students: