Undergraduate Nonmatriculated Student Status Policy

Undergraduate nonmatriculated students are those students who enroll in courses but have not applied for admission or been accepted to a specific degree program at Thomas Edison State College. Nonmatriculated students do not receive advisement services and may not apply for graduation, as only matriculated students may receive advisement services and apply for graduation and only a matriculated student may be awarded a degree. Generally, there is no limit to the number of courses or credit hours a student in nonmatriculated status may earn; however, some Schools may put a limit on the number of courses a student may take as an undergraduate nonmatriculated student.

Additionally, undergraduate nonmatriculated students may be restricted from enrolling in selected courses by the Schools. Undergraduate nonmatriculated students are governed by the policies in effect at the time of their course registration. Courses and credits earned at Thomas Edison State College while an undergraduate nonmatriculated student will be evaluated based on the requirements in place at the time the undergraduate nonmatriculated student enrolls in the College.