Thomas Edison State College Transcripts

All credits evaluated by the College will appear on the transcript.

Transcripts are provided to students who are enrolled students, graduates or were a previously enrolled student. Applicants are not entitled to a Thomas Edison State College transcript, except for courses they have taken with the College as a nonmatriculated student. Transfer credits will be identified by department code, course number, course title and credits.

Examination credits will be identified by the name of the program, title of the examination and credits. Examples of testing programs include CLEP and DANTES. Thomas Edison State College credits will be identified by the title of the course, credits, grade and term completed. Courses with a grade of NC (No Credit) or E (Extension) will not be transcripted.

Other assessment credits will be identified by the name of the program, course (equivalent) title and credits. Examples of such assessments include those reviewed by Thomas Edison State College's Office for Assessment of Professional and Workplace Learning or the American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service and military training programs. Transcripts will be issued by the Office of the Registrar upon the written request of the student. Students must be in good financial standing before a transcript may be issued. Transcripts may be issued at any time during or after completion of a degree.