Testing and Test Administration

Undergraduate Examinations and Proctors
Most Guided Study (GS) and online (OL) courses, not including nursing, require one proctored midterm and one proctored final or final project; e-Pack® (EP) courses require a proctored final only. All course semesters (GS, OL, EP) are 12 weeks long. Make sure you are ready to complete the tests on your scheduled test day, because once the pen/paper test seal is broken or the online test link is accessed, the test will be graded on the work completed.

Verify the Format of your Examinations
First, check your course space to determine the format of your examinations: paper vs. online/proctored through our Online Proctor Service (OPS). The OPS allows you to take your proctored exam(s) in the privacy of your own home with a web camera. The link for scheduling an appointment with our OPS vendor (ProctorU) is in your course space. If you cannot complete your exams online, you must locate a proctor for the pen/paper examinations and submit a Proctor Request Form by the end of the first week of the semester. Forms and proctor guidelines can be found at www.tesc.edu/proctor.

Find a Proctor
You may take Thomas Edison State College pen/paper examinations at any accredited college or university or at any public library. It is advisable to find a location close to your home or work so you have easy access on your test day, especially if you are taking more than one course a semester. Be sure your proctor is available during the midterm and final test weeks as many institutions close for spring break and holidays. Contact your local college or university and find a full-time professor or professional staff member. Adjunct and part-time professors do not qualify. You can also contact your local library. A full-time librarian is qualified to proctor examinations. Librarians at elementary and high schools do not qualify. We do not send examinations to employers, corporate training offices, members of the clergy, family members or friends. The student is responsible for paying the proctor fees, if requested by the proctor. For more information, go to www.tesc.edu/proctor.

Military Students
Students in GoArmyEd, eArmyU, MDCP, and the Army, Marines, Army Reserves, Air Force and Coast Guard can utilize a TCO, ESO, career counselor, base librarian, chaplain or a commissioned officer who is not in your direct chain of command. Students in the NCPACE and Navy College programs can utilize the above as well as an NCPACE representative. For more information, go to www.tesc.edu/militaryproctor.

Important Points for Testing

Taking examinations at Thomas Edison State College
There are scheduled test days during every official test week. All test administrations begin at 8:30 a.m. in the testing room located at 101 W. State St., in Trenton, N.J. For more information, go to www.tesc.edu/proctor.

To schedule a test date for your course examination or TECEP®, visit http://www.itfrontdesk.com/resv/tesc/.

To schedule a CLEP test, contact the Office of Test Administration at [email protected].

Exam Schedule for On-Site Testing at Thomas Edison State College

Tests Administered Test Date CLEP Registration Deadline
Nov. 2012 12wk EP finals & TE
Dec. 2012 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE
Week of 1/14/13 - 1/19/13  
CLEP 1/19/13 1/4/13
Jan. 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE Week of 2/11/13 - 2/16/13  
CLEP 2/23/13 2/8/13
Dec. 2012 12wk EP finals & TE Week of 2/18/13 - 2/23/13  
CLEP 3/16/13 3/1/13
Jan. 2013 12wk EP finals & TE
Feb. 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE
Week of 3/18/13 - 3/23/13  
March 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE Week of 4/5/13 - 4/20/13  
CLEP 4/20/13 4/8/13
Feb. 2013 12wk EP finals & TE Week of 4/22/13 - 4/27/13  
April 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE Week of 5/13/13 - 5/18/13  
CLEP 5/18/13 5/3/13
March 2013 12wk EP finals & TE Week of 5/20/13 - 5/25/13  

May 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE
April 2013 12wk EP finals & TE

Week of 6/17/13 - 6/22/13  
CLEP 6/15/13 6/3/13
June 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE Week of 7/15/13 - 7/20/13  
CLEP 7/20/13 7/5/13
May 2013 12wk EP finals & TE Week of 7/22/13 - 7/27/13  
June 2013 12wk OL/GS MTs & TE Week of 8/19/13 - 8/24/13  
CLEP 8/17/13 8/2/13

OL = Online Courses
GS = Guided Study Courses
TE = TECEP® Examinations
EP = e-Pack® Courses

All Proctor Request forms for the paper versions of OL/GS course exams as well as for TE and EP tests are due in the Office of Test Administration by the end of the first week of the semester. Please check your course space carefully as many OL and GS courses have the OPS feature which allows for an online, proctored examination through our Online Proctor System (OPS).

Students can register for TE examinations online through Online Student Services. Students registered in TE/OL/GS/EP and FT sections can then view available test dates at the College’s Trenton, N.J. testing facility by going to the Test Scheduling System at http://www.itfrontdesk.com/resv/tesc/.

Students who do not have access to the Web or who are on an official course extension should call the Office of Test Administration at (609) 633-6980 to schedule an exam date. As always, space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis so schedule exams early in the semester.

View directions to the College’s paper testing facility at 101 W. State St., Trenton, N.J. and the College’s online testing facility at 167 W. Hanover St., Trenton, N.J. for students who register to take CLEP examinations. Proctor Request Forms must be submitted to the Office of Test Administration (OTA) by the end of the first week of each new semester in which you enroll.

Thomas Edison State College
101 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08608-1176

Students can schedule exams through the College’s Web-based test scheduling service. Go to http://www.itfrontdesk.com/resv/tesc/ to log onto the Test Scheduling System.

The College will be closed on the following dates during the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • Independence Day: Wednesday, July 4, 2012
  • Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 3, 2012
  • Columbus Day: Monday, Oct. 8, 2012
  • Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012
  • Winter Holiday: Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012 - Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday: Monday, Jan. 21, 2013
  • Presidents’ Day: Monday, Feb. 18, 2013
  • Good Friday: Friday, March 29, 2013
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 27, 2013