Defense Activity for Nontraditional Educational Support Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

Please note that Thomas Edison State College awards credit for DSST examinations based on the credit recommendations established by the American Council on Education (ACE) for specific exhibit dates. Prior to registering for an examination, students are urged to refer to the current ACE website to confirm that the examination they are interested in taking is still active:

Students who want more detailed information on the DSST program and study materials may contact:

DSST Program
2000 Lenox Drive, 3rd floor
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Toll free (877) 471-9860

Students who wish to have their score reports sent to Thomas Edison State College should provide the official college code, 9001, at the time of testing. The minimum score required to earn credit is equivalent to a letter grade of C.

Note: Information was accurate as of January 2015

Business Exam Titles Passing Score Credits
BUS-101-DE Introduction to Business 400 3
BUS-161-DE Business Mathematics 400 3
BUS-302-DE Business Ethics and Society 400 3
CIS-301-DE Management Information Systems 400 3
FIN-301-DE Principles of Finance 400 3
CIS-344-DE Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 400 3
MAN-201-DE Principles of Supervision 400 3
MAN-311-DE Organizational Behavior* 400 3
MAN-331-DE Human Resource Management 400 3

Free Electives Exam Titles Passing Score Credits
BUE-101-DE Personal Finance 400 3
EDU-102-DE Foundations of Education 400 3

Human Services Exam Titles Passing Score Credits
AOJ-102-DE Criminal Justice*** 400 3
COU-262-DE Fundamentals of Counseling 400 3
HEA-103-DE Here’s to Your Health 400 3
Humanities Exam Titles Passing Score Credits
ART-166-DE Art of the Western World 400 3
COM-209-DE Principles of Public Speaking** 400 3
ENG-201-DE Technical Writing 400 3
PHI-287-DE Ethics in America 400 3
REL-405-DE Introduction to World Religions 400 3

Natural Sciences/Mathematics Exam Titles Passing Score Credits
AST-101-DE Astronomy 400 3
COS-101-DE Introduction to Computing 400 3
ENS-201-DE Environment and Humanity: Race to Save the Planet 400 3
NAS-131-DE Principles of Physical Science I 400 3
STA-201-DE Principles of Statistics 400 3

Social Sciences Exam Titles Passing Score Credits
GOG-120-DE Human/Cultural Geography 400 3
HIS-252-DE The Civil War and Reconstruction 400 3
HIS-351-DE A History of the Vietnam War 400 3
PSY-211-DE Lifespan Developmental Psychology 400 3
PSY-361-DE Organizational Behavior* 400 3
SOS-305-DE Substance Abuse 400 3

*This examination may be classified either as social sciences or business, depending on the student’s degree program.

**COM-209-DE Principles of Public Speaking may also be applied as Liberal Studies or General Education, depending on the degree. For more information, students should contact an advisor.

***TESC currently awards 3 semester hours for AOJ-102-DE Criminal Justice per the original ACE credit recommendation. This may be subject to change.