About Our Courses

The course lists and descriptions contained in this Catalog cite the offerings beginning with the July 2011 semester. It is occasionally necessary, and the College retains the right, to withdraw, modify or add courses to the existing list during the academic year without prior notice. For updates on course offerings, visit www.tesc.ed/courses or call (888) 442-8372.

For many courses, you have options regarding the method of learning.

Which option you choose will determine how you correspond with your mentor, how you deliver your assignments and how you receive graded assignments in return. In the case of online courses, the choice involves a commitment to an interactive, Web-based format, with the opportunity to communicate with other students enrolled in the course and to take advantage of Web resources pertinent to the course. In the case of e-Pack® courses, you choose to prepare independently for an examination that will assess your understanding of the course material. To learn which of the following options is available for a particular course, look for the list of course codes included with each course description in this book. The suffix attached to the course code indicates the delivery method. 

Students may register for courses in several different formats: Guided Study, online and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). These approaches have proven most successful with well-motivated, self-disciplined individuals who enjoy learning independently.

Additionally, students may register for courses offered by other regionally accredited colleges, independent study and distance education courses or traditional classroom courses.

Undergraduate Course Options
Most courses are offered every semester, but there are exceptions such as nursing courses as noted in the following course descriptions. For updates, please visit www.tesc.edu/courses.

You may preview online syllabus — and get detailed information on individual TECEP® examinations — at the College website. Go to www.tesc.edu/courses and select the appropriate area. Choose the course in which you are interested. If you do not see a specific course listed under PLA, Guided Study, TECEP®, e-Pack®, or online, you will know that the course is not offered in that format.

New courses, particularly online courses, will be added to Thomas Edison State College offerings throughout the year. Visit the College website for updates. To ensure that a course satisfies your specific degree requirements, please confirm with your academic advisor.

  • SOSC: Courses with this designation satisfy the social science requirement in general education
  • NASC: Courses with this designation satisfy the natural science requirement in general education
  • HUMT: Courses with this designation satisfy the humanities requirement in general education.

EP = e-Pack® (12 Weeks)

GS = Guided Study (12 Weeks)

NU = Nursing (12 Weeks)

NG = Nursing Graduate (12 Weeks)

OL = Online (12 Weeks)

PA = Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) (12 Weeks)

TE = TECEP® Examination

System Requirement: If you plan to register for OL, EP, PA, NU or NG, see Online Courses for minimum system requirements.