The Office for Assessment of Professional and Workplace Learning

The mission of the Office for Assessment of Professional and Workplace Learning (OAPWL) is to expand access to higher education to adult learners by creating a pathway from workplace and other non-college training to a college education.

OAPWL assesses prior learning on a programmatic rather than individual basis, evaluating courses, licenses, certifications, apprenticeships and exams offered by corporations, government agencies, labor unions, career schools and professional associations to determine college-level learning and awards credit for the college-level learning acquired through the completion of those programs.

These evaluations are known as Academic Program Reviews (APR). APRs determine whether an organization’s training and education programs provide college-level learning and can be applied as credit to an academic program at the College. Depending on the outcome of an APR, individuals who complete a training or education program that was assessed can earn credit at Thomas Edison State College for that program.

Find out how OAPWL can help you take advantage of APR credits for professional training and education.