Portfolio Assessment

In the College's portfolio process you work with a mentor, who is a subject matter expert, to create a portfolio that documents your mastery of the subject.

Developing a portfolio involves several steps. First, you will write a narrative that discusses how you gained your knowledge and how you plan to demonstrate it. Once you have completed your narrative, you will assemble evidence that supports your narrative. The evidence might include work samples, letters of verification from employers, certificates, licenses, documentation of job skills, art works, videos or anything else that documents your learning.

We have an extensive online database of course descriptions you can browse, to help you find subjects in which you have prior knowledge.

Whether you decide to do a portfolio in one subject or several, when you register for Portfolio Assessment you will be on your way to earning credit for what you already know… saving your valuable time and money.

Learn more about Portfolio Assessment or email us at PLAWeb@tesc.edu