Open Education

Open Education

So what is Open Education?

Open Education is the idea that human knowledge can only grow through free sharing and collaboration.  Open Educational Resources (OER) are textbooks, videos, activities, pictures, songs, etc. that have been created to do just that – expand knowledge.  Their authors have placed them on the internet for free to anyone to use, adapt, change.  You can take several and put them together into a study guide, or even a course.  Or you could take an open image and edit it to create some new and exciting work.  The possibilities for customization are endless.

These resources also have another important benefit – they are entirely free.

Thomas Edison State College has always believed that it doesn’t matter where you learned something, as long as you can demonstrate that you know it.  This belief is the foundation of many of the programs we have here (TECEP, Portfolio).  OER give you the opportunity to learn college-level materials outside of the classroom without having to pay a cent.  Then it’s simply a matter of using the programs detailed above to demonstrate that you have learned something.

How Can I Use Open Educational Resources?

There are a number of ways you can use OER to help you work towards your degree.