Taking Courses

At Thomas Edison State College, we deliver courses directly to our students, wherever they live or work. Students are not required to visit our campus in Trenton, N.J. Whether you live in a home in Princeton, on a houseboat on the Mississippi River, in an apartment in Manhattan or on a military base in the Middle East, we deliver your courses to you.

Our course formats include:

Online courses
If you like interacting with your classmates and mentor, online courses may be a good option. Online courses are 12 weeks long and include a detailed schedule that guides students through course assignments, online class discussions and exams. We currently offer more than 250 online courses.
e-Pack® courses*
If you like the structure of a 12-week course, but prefer to work independently with no interaction with other learners, e-Pack® courses may be a good option. Students take a series of online quizzes to prepare for a final exam.
Guided Study courses
These 12-week independent study courses enable students to work on their own to complete course assignments to prepare for examinations. Like our e-Pack® courses, students taking Guided Study courses have no interaction with classmates.
Portfolio Assessment*
This course-based process enables students to articulate and prove that they have college-level knowledge of a subject, acquired outside of a traditional classroom setting, perhaps through work, training, volunteer service or other experiences.
TECEP® Exams
Like other credit-by-exam programs, TECEP® exams are designed for highly independent learners who have the ability to study in a student-centered environment with no time constraints, no assignments, and no mentor interaction.

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*Students utilizing VA Benefits to pay for courses are prohibited from using this method of course delivery. Only Guided Student (GS) courses, Online (OL) courses, and TECEP exams are eligible. Students wishing to take methods other than GS, OL, and TECEP must pay out of pocket at the time of registration to use this method of course delivery.

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Transfer Your Credit

Have you attended college before? If so, you may be able to transfer credits earned at other regionally accredited colleges or universities. The College also offers a variety of other ways to earn credit - all designed around the needs of adult learners, like you.

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