Online Testing

Thomas Edison State College is pleased to announce the adoption of a new Online Proctor Service for course exams.

Now, students can take online proctored examinations at the location of their choice, whether it's at home, at work or wherever students have high-speed Internet access and a web cam. Through this service, students no longer need to travel to approved proctor sites to take tests. To use the Online Proctor Service, students need a web cam, a computer with a microphone and speakers and high-speed Internet access.

Getting Started
Students log onto the College's online proctoring site, where they schedule exams, get instructions about next steps and can view a video tutorial.

During the test administration, proctors monitor students via web cam. Students have two-way communication with proctors throughout the test administration period via web cam and their computer's microphone and speakers or sound system.

Some courses already have the Online Proctor Service in place for midterm exams. Currently, choosing the Online Proctor Service is optional. Eventually it will be required for all courses with examinations, so students are encouraged to prepare now to use the new Online Proctor Service.

Transitioning from Site-Based Exams
The College is in the process of preparing the rest of its courses for the transition from pen/paper exams administered in site-based locations and un-proctored online final exams to proctored online exams. When that preparation is complete, students will be required to use the Online Proctor Service for all course exams.

This preparation will take place in phases, beginning with the October 2010 term, and with courses that currently have un-proctored online finals. The switch may affect students today, depending on which courses they are taking.

Students registered for these courses will be required to take the final using the Online Proctor Service beginning in the October 2010 term.

In the next phase, the College will begin to gradually replace all other pen/paper exams (both midterms and finals) with proctored online exams. This second phase will begin in the February 2010 term.

Because online testing will eventually replace site-based testing in most, if not all courses, students must acquire a simple, inexpensive web cam to complement the computer equipment they already have. Students who have a computer with a built-in web cam, may use that one.