Board of Trustees

The Thomas Edison State College Board of Trustees is the premier governing body of the College. Its composition and size is determined by the Board; however, the Board has not fewer than seven and not more than 15 members. The members are citizens of the State of New Jersey appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. The Board of Trustees recommends potential new members to the Governor. The term of office of appointed members is for six years. In addition, two student representatives--a voting member and an alternate--are elected by the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting in September.

Members of the Board of Trustees represent a diverse range of experience and backgrounds from business, industry and academia. The Board meets four times each year in September, December, March and June. The President serves as secretary to the Board and is an ex officio, non-voting member.

The Board oversees all policy matters of the College, including the approval of degree programs and standards and budget recommendations to the State Treasurer. It is responsible for selecting and hiring the President, who serves at the pleasure of the Board, and it approves appointments of all other college employees.

The Board has four working committees which parallel the organizational divisions of the College: the Academic Affairs Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Executive Committee. These committees meet as needed prior to established Board meetings to review relevant issues to be presented at the Board meetings.

Board Members:

Gualberto (Gil) Medina, Chair

Brian T. Maloney, Vice Chair

Fred J. Abbate

Richard W. Arndt

Ida B. Hammond

Rev. J. Stanley Justice

Eric Robert Lear

E. Harvey Myers

Marilyn R. Pearson

Anthony Buffardi, Student Trustee

Frances C. Parrales, Student Trustee

Dr. George A. Pruitt, ex-officio
President, Thomas Edison State College